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Utilizing the Government’s Test and Measurement Website
The test equipment service available at has been running for over a year and continues to grow each week. Users comment on the great prices and incredible service available through the service provider.
(Microwave Product Digest May 2003)

TestMart Awarded 300 Additions to GSA Schedule
TestMart,a builder and operator of Web-based marketplaces and Web services for the test equipment industry,announced additional awards to its General Services Administration (GSA)Multiple Award Schedule contract.
(CAL LAB January, Feburary, March 2003)

Taste of success keeps distributors online
The best sales strategies acknowledge that e-commerce has as many definitions as Baskin-Robbins has varieties of ice cream.
(LIGHTWAVE     November 2001   Requires free registration)

To buy...or to lease...that is the question
Today's rapidly accelerating techonology can present engineers with difficult decisions when it comes to acquiring high-performance test and measurement equipment.
(RF Design     March 1, 2001)

E-Commerce Increases Efficiency of Test & Measurement Purchasing 
A new sales and marketing concept for test equipment is more than just a Web site. TestMart adds independent reviews, lease/rent/purchase options and a strong customer support staff.
(Applied Microwave & Wireless     February 2001)

Testing, Testing...Systems Are Go 
A new Internet exchange streamlines test-equipment sales.
BusinessWeek Online     November 13, 2000)

Passing the Test(Mart) 
Tektronix names the B2B company as an official distributor.
(Electronic News Online     September 11, 2000)

Looking for a Good Used GPS Calibrator 
Online sales of high-tech measuring gear are exploding. And so far, Web startup TestMart is out front.
(BusinessWeek Online     August 29, 2000)

Electronic Commerce 
TestMart website provides a single source for buying, renting instruments online.
(EP&T      June/July 2000)

Technology Forecast 
The internet provides an answer to new challenges facing the test and measurement industry.
(NASA Tech Briefs      June 2000)

Engineers Get a Break on Testing Equipment 
Thanks to the web, pricing and ordering test and measurement hardware no longer has to be the hardest part of validating a new design.
(Desktop Engineering      June 2000)

Naval laboratory finds replacement test device with TestMart 
Laboratory engineers at the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center use TestMart to locate a refurbished signal generator at lower cost and in less time.
(Military & Aerospace Electronics     May 2000)

Test and Measurement and the Net Effect 
The growing testing needs of the telecommunications and IT industry are
changing the Test and Measurement market. The internet has much to offer
manufacturers looking for new ways to serve a much larger number of smaller
customers all over the world. But a site is only as good as the information
and access it provides.
(Sensors     May 2000)

A Web-based Test Equipment Locator 
TestMart provides a unique, efficient solution to the usually time-consuming task of selecting and locating test equipment through the World Wide Web.
(Microwave Journal     April 2000)

Meeting Supplier Demand
TestMart is among a group of emerging business-to-business companies working to own demographically segmented buyers in vertical markets, helping manufacturers and distributors gain visibility into customer's needs.
(Business2.0      March 2000)

VXI & PXI Newsletter Signs Agreement With TestMart To Deliver Information On-Line  
To complement their specification database and commercial offering, TestMart is releasing new editorial content from the VXI & PXI Newsletter. TestMart users will be able to access full test articles from the VXI & PXI Newsletter, a leading source of industry news and analysis on VXI.
(VXI & PXI Newsletter     February/March 2000)

TestMart Charts B-to-B Success
TestMart--launched in 1998 by several test and measurement industry veterans--can attribute its success and growing profits to understanding the problems in buying and selling in the T&M industry, and coming up with a viable solution.
(Electronic News Online      February 28, 2000)

Test-equipment Web site adds e-features
TestMart adds new features that enable users to buy, sell, compare and maintain Test and Measurement equipment. The site promises to bring some order to the turbulent $9 billion general purpose T&M industry.
(EE Times     February 25, 2000) Bitten by B2B Bug
The B2B market is estimated to be worth more than $1 trillion by 2003, but success requires more than a cookie cutter approach. Read what has to say about why TestMart stands out in the crowded B2B market.
(     February 25, 2000)

Web-Based Firm Serves Measurement Markets 
This new company's Web site provides the data bases and search engines to link users and specifiers with the new and used test equipment they seek.
(Microwaves & RF     November 1999)

Buying Instruments On the Internet: Introducing 
TestMart at was introduced to create a whole new paradigm for the on-line connection of test equipment buyers and sellers.
(CAL LAB     November/December 1999)