Protocol Analyzer


Protocol analyzer is a device (either hardware or software) used to verify that a protocol on a digital network is operating correctly, or to extract data about the protocol, possibly including statistics or data.

Example uses

  • A protocol analyzer for a token ring network could detect that the token has been lost or the presence of too many tokens (verifying the protocol).
  • A protocol analyzer could detect that messages are being sent to a NIC, if the NIC did not report receiving the messages then this would localize the failure to the NIC.
  • A protocol analyzer could detect excessive messages being sent by a port, detecting an error in the implementation.
  • A protocol analyzer could collect statistics on the amount of traffic (number of messages) from a process detecting the need for more bandwidth or a better method.
  • A protocol analyzer could be used to extract messages and reassemble into a compete form the traffic from a process, allowing it to be reverse engineered.

Important protocol analyzer products:

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Lineeye LE-150P Pro Analyzer New Lineeye LE-150P Pro Analyzer
Lineeye LE-2500 Pro Analyzer New Lineeye LE-2500 Pro Analyzer
Lineeye LE-610FS Pro Analyzer New Lineeye LE-610FS Pro Analyzer
Lineeye LE-620HS Pro Analyzer New Lineeye LE-620HS Pro Analyzer
Absolute Analysis 66-1-9-AFPA2 New AFDX Protocol Analyzer (2-Port) 66-1-9-AFPA2
Absolute Analysis 66-1-9-AFPA4 New AFDX Protocol Analyzer (4-Port) 66-1-9-AFPA4
Absolute Analysis 66-1-9-ENPA2 New Gigabit Ethernet Protocol Analyzer (2-Port) 66-1-9-ENPA2
Absolute Analysis 66-1-9-ENPA4 New Gigabit Ethernet Protocol Analyzer (4-Port) 66-1-9-ENPA4
Absolute Analysis 66-1-9-FCPA2 New Fibre Channel Protocol Analyzer (2-Port) 66-1-9-FCPA2
Absolute Analysis 66-1-9-FCPA4 New Fibre Channel Protocol Analyzer (4-Port) 66-1-9-FCPA4
Absolute Analysis 66-1-9-SFPA2 New sFPDP Protocol Analyzer (2-Port) 66-1-9-SFPA2
Absolute Analysis 66-1-9-SFPA4 New sFPDP Protocol Analyzer (4-Port) 66-1-9-SFPA4
Aeroflex Test Solutions 6413-LIVE New 6413-LIVE
Aeroflex Test Solutions 6413-LIVE-R New 6413-LIVE-R
Aeroflex Test Solutions W-ACE-001 New W-ACE-001
Aeroflex Test Solutions W-ACE-003 New W-ACE-003
Aeroflex Test Solutions W-ACE-005 New W-ACE-005
Aeroflex Test Solutions W-ACE-010 New W-ACE-010
Aeroflex Test Solutions W-ACE-180 New W-ACE-180
Aeroflex Test Solutions W-ACE-520 New W-ACE-520
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Protocol Analyzers by different manufacturers: