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Wavetek LANTEK PRO XL 100 MHz Level I & II Cable Tester

100 MHz Cable Testers with DUAL NEXT


Confidence... and speed... the two qualities you need most to certify and troubleshoot your LAN installation.

CONFIDENCE ...to know your LAN meets TIA and ISO standards.

SPEED ...to do your job efficiently and economically.

In 25 seconds, the Autotest completes line map, DC loop resistance, length, Dual NEXT, Attenuation, and Attenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratios (ACR) measurements.

The LANTEK PRO stores up to 500 Autotests. You can easily print each test or download all the tests into a PC for later use. You can even sort test results!

The LANTEK PRO gives you tremendous speed advantage, without compromising performance. Our advanced design guarantees the highest accuracy of any handheld tester. The LANTEK PRO field cable tester meets the new, strict TIA Accuracy Level II requirement for Category 5 cabling. The LANTEK PRO also features advanced DB-style connector. The simple yet powerful design makes the LANTEK PRO ten times more accurate than testers that rely on the RJ45-style jack.

The LANTEK PRO comes standard with unique Dual NEXT circuitry to simultaneously certify both ends of a cable link to TIA and ISO standards. As an integral part of the 25-second Autotest, Dual NEXT saves you time and money. LANTEK PRO delivers twice the power at twice the speed, with the confidence you require.

Cable Expert provides troubleshooting assistance when an Autotest FAILS. At the press of a button, Cable Expert highlights the suspected problem, and displays troubleshooting advice describing both the problem and possible causes.

The LANTEK PRO features powerful impedance circuitry to quickly and easily "see" cable faults anywhere along the link and advanced noise circuitry to detect excessive EMI or RFI conditions.

ANNOUNCING new FIBER OPTIC CABLE power loss measurement capability for the LANTEK PRO!

With the new FIBERKIT, the LANTEK PRO directly displays optical power loss through fiber cable, splices and connectors. With this powerful but simple fiber conversion, you can verify proper connection of fiber cabling with the same LANTEK PRO you use for copper cable.

Save big dollars with the convenience of adding FIBERKIT capability to your LANTEK PRO - now the only LAN cable tester capable of testing ALL your cable!

With a typical battery life of more than 8 hours, LANTEK PRO is ready for a full day's work. The dual bay battery charger comes standard with the tester. Recharging takes less than 3 hours. Save time, money and never worry about running low on power again!

Pick your own accessories or select the pre configured LANTEK PRO KIT, which includes two spare batteries, CMS software, extra cables, deluxe carrying case and more!


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