Agilent 16517A 16 Ch, 4GHz Logic Ana High-Speed State/Time Module

Agilent 16517A  

16 Ch, 4GHz Logic Ana High-Speed State/Time Module

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Agilent 16517A Logic Analyzers

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Agilent 16517A


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Product Description:

Agilent 16517A 16 Ch, 4GHz Logic Ana High-Speed State/Time Module

Agilent 16517A

Data sheet (PDF)

No. of channels: 16ch
Conventional Timing: 2GSa/s
Memory/Channel: 64kbits

Trace more channels with higher accuracy than ever before in a logic analyzer. The 64K deep memory lets you capture data

over many clock cycles while retaining the highest multi-channel accuracy ever in a logic analyzer. Solve your toughest

problems with the fastest, most flexible state analysis available.

Find the Cause of Elusive Problems

Verify the timing of critical edges with 250 ps resolution across up to 40 channels, or 500 ps resolution across up to 80

channels. Use the 1 GSa/s synchronous state analysis to view high-speed data streams across up to 80 channels.

The Ultimate in Timing Resolution and Accuracy

The 250 ps resolution of this analyzer is only part of the story. An innovative approach, using phase-locked loops, keeps

the skew between channels to +/- 250 ps.

Precisely Characterize Setup or Hold Times

The 250 ps precision (channel-to-channel skew) allows this logic analyzer to b Phase-locked loops for accuracy

Performance Characteristics of the 16517A

Form Factor Module (proprietary interface/bus)
Number of Channels 16 ch
Maximum Conventional Timing Rate 2 GHz
Maximum Conventiona Timing Rate(half ch) 4 GHz
Memory Depth/Channel-Normal 64 KB
Memory/Channel Half-Channel Mode 128 KB
Maximum State Analysis Rate 2 GHz
Setup/Hold Time 350 ps
Maximum Trigger Sequence Levels 4 Levels
Maximum Trigger Sequencing Rate 500 MHz
No of Pattern Recognizers 4 QTY
No of Counter Timers 1 QTY
Input Impedance 500 Ohm
Input Capacitance 0.2 pF

Programmability/Connectivity of the 16517A

User Interface Proprietary

16517A Compliance

CE Compliance Not on file
UL Compliance Not compliant

16517A Power Requirements

Input Power Not required