Dranetz-BMI 7100
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Dranetz-BMI 7100 8-Channel PQNode Power Analyzer

Type: Disturbance
No. of Voltage channels: 4ch
No. of Current channels: 4ch

The 7100 PQNode can be permanently installed at a site, or transported from site to site as a

portable instrument. (If you plan to mount your 7100 permanently in industrial or substation

switchgear, consider the 7100-S PQNode.) It comes complete with a dial-up and dial-out

modem. With its inexpensive ability to switch from power quality to power flow to harmonics

triggering, the 7100 is ideal for

Industrial service-entrance monitoring

Power quality contract compliance monitoring

Substation monitoring

Utility power quality programs

Ongoing energy audits

It measures single-phase and three-phase power systems:

Volts and amps (true RMS)

RMS sags, swells, interruptions

RMS min/average/max strip charts

Waveshape faults

High-speed transients

demand (kW and kVA)

consumption (kWh and kVAh)

kVAR, true PF, dPF

V thd, I thd

Voltage & current monitor
Power qual / Power flow / harmonic
GPS precision timing
+/-0.5% Accuracy


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