Agilent 8012B 1Hz - 50MHz, Pulse/Function Generators

Agilent 8012B  

1Hz - 50MHz, Pulse/Function Generators

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Agilent 8012B Pulse and Data Generators

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Agilent 8012B


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Product Description:

Agilent 8012B 1Hz - 50MHz, Pulse/Function Generators

Agilent 8012B Feature:
No. of channels: 1ch
Frequency: 50MHz
Pulse Width: 10ns

The HP 8012B is a versatile and reliable low-cost pulse generator. It provides an excellent solution for those requiring clean pulses with low noise and fast edges. Independently variable rise and fall times allow the user to optimize switching speeds for use with digital circuits, while variable amplitude and dc offset let you match levels to CMOS, ECL, TTL, and many other IC technologies. For amplitudes greater than 5V, you can switch out the internal 50-ohm load to double the output voltage.

Flexible Operation

The HP 8012B provides operating modes to satify many basic pulse generator applications. External triggering and gating, double pulse mode, and external width mode combine to make design of your pulse simple and effetive. The clear front-panel layout encourages creation of the desired waveform without timing errors.

Performance Characteristics of the 8012B

Form Factor Benchtop
Type Pulse
Number of Channels 1 ch
Maximum Frequency 50 MHz
Frequency Accuracy 5 %
Minimum Pulse Width 10 ns
Maximum Pulse Width 1 s
Maximum Output Voltage 10 V
Minimum Period 20 ns
Maximum Period 1 s
Minimum Delay 35 ns
Maximum Delay 1 s
Output Data Format RZ
Trigger Source External,Internal
Trigger Modes Gate
Output Impedance 50 Ohm

Programmability/Connectivity of the 8012B

User Interface Proprietary

8012B Compliance

CE Compliance Not on file
UL Compliance Not compliant

8012B Power Requirements

Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)

8012B Physical Dimensions

  • Width: (N/A)
  • Height: 5.59 in(.22 in)
  • Length: 12.99 in(.51 in)
  • Weight: 8.82 lbs(19.44 lb)

8012B Standard Accessories

  • 15179A /Rackmount Kit /Qty:1