Agilent 8130A
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Agilent 8130A 300 MHz High-Speed Pulse Generator

No. of channels: 1ch
Frequency: 300MHz
Pulse Width: 1.5ns

Variable Transitions (HP 8130A)

Clean variable edges down to less than 1 ns address a wide range of technologies such as BICMOS, ECL, and ECLips, as well as opening to analog applications such as rapid bandwidth assessment or amplifier slew-rate measurements.

10 ps Timing Resolution

This is an order of magnitude higher than typical gate delays and hence eliminates window uncertainties.

5 V p-p Amplitude, 10 mV Resolution

Pulses can be set up from 100 mV to 5 V p-p in a +/-5 V window. This means that levels for all fast transistor technologies can be set up simply, even if a power splitter is required in the setup. 10 mv resolution allows limiting levels to be established very accurately.

Data and Clock Simulation

Cell characterization often requires two signals, clock and data, in order to test proper handling of logical zeroes and ones. Dual-channel HP 8130, 8131A generators provide these signals when one channel is set to double-p
1 ns variable transitions
10 ps Timing Resolution
Glitch testing
Data and clock Simulation
10 ps Timing Resolution


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