Agilent 70100A
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Agilent 70100A Power Meter Module

No. of channels: 1ch
Frequency: 100kHz
Power: -70dBm

Signal Analyzers:Power Meter HP 70100A

The HP 70100A is a single-channel,one-slot power meter module with features and capability similar to an HP 437B power meter.Exceptional meter linearity and low

sensor SWR combine to give you outstanding accuracy for demanding measurements. With instrument accuracy specified as ¦0.5% in linear mode and ¦0.02 dB in logarithmic mode, instrument uncertainty becomes a negligible part of total measurement error.

Features include automatic calibra-tion and zeroing, frequency and calibration factor entry, selectable resolution, duty cycle, manual range setting, and save and recall of meter settings.

The HP 70100A is compatible with the HP 8480 series of power sensors. It is

also compatible via the HP-IB with programs written for the HP 438A power meter
Zero set:+/-0.5%
Compatible with HP8480 Series
Automatic Calibration & Zeroing
Selectable Resolution
Duty Cycle
Manual Range Setting
Save & Recall of meter setting
Frequency & Calib.factor entry


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