Agilent E4487A CERJAC Series 31XE Transmission Test Set

Agilent E4487A  

CERJAC Series 31XE Transmission Test Set

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Agilent E4487A T1T3 Communications Test Set

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Agilent E4487A options UR5 / URQ / UHR / UQ1


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Product Description:

Agilent E4487A CERJAC Series 31XE Transmission Test Set

Agilent E4487A

Data sheet (PDF)


Comprehensive T-carrier, ATM and SONET test from DS0 to STS-1

Auto-Setup function automatically configures the instrument to match the incoming signal

Trouble-Scan function identifies any alarms and errors at the push of a button

Extensive array of front-panel LEDs report signal status at-a-glance right across the hierarchy

Separate transmit and receive rates for cross-mux testing

Displays and controls a complete set of SONET overhead, including the 64byte path trace

Cross-cell BER test at up to 100% of bandwidth for stress testing ATM payloads

Cell loss, inter-arrival time and transfer delay measurements for ATM

Scans the incoming ATM signal and reports the bandwidths of active VPIs/VCIs

E1 in DS3 mapping including E1 timeslot testing

Drop and insert DS1/E1 from DS3 for thru mode testing

DS3 pulsemask measurements

In-depth DS1 test capability including in-band and out-of-band loopcodes

Tributary jitter measurements at STS-1, DS3, DS1 and E1

Performance Characteristics of the E4487A

Form Factor Benchtop
Connector type (main signal) DS1,E1
T1 (DS1) Interface Yes
T3 Interface Port No
STS-1 Interface No
Fractional T1 Capable No
DS-1 Bit Error Rate Test No
T1 Framing Type D4,ESF,Unframed
DS-3 Bit Error Rate Test No
DS-3 Framing Type C-Bit/M13,Unframed
DS-0 Drop & Insert Test No
DS-1/DS-3 Drop & Insert Test Yes
vt1.5 Drop & Insert Test No
VF Channel Drop & Insert Test Yes
VF Tone Generation & Measurement Test No
FEAC Monitor/Control No
ESF Facility Datalink Monitor/Control No
SLC-96 Datalink Monitor/Control No
GR-303 Testing No
Graphic Pulse Mask Testing No
Error Insertion Testing No
Dial/Supervision/Signaling Test No
MF/DTMF Dial/Capture Test No
DDS Channel Test No
SS7 Monitoring/Analysis No
Frame Relay Testing No
Primary Rate ISDN Monitoring No
Primary ISDN Emulation No
G.821 Results No
Audio Speaker No
Microphone No

Programmability/Connectivity of the E4487A

User Interface Proprietary

E4487A Compliance

CE Compliance Not on file
UL Compliance Not compliant

E4487A Power Requirements

Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)

E4487A Physical Dimensions

  • Width: (N/A)
  • Height: 7.48 in(.29 in)
  • Length: 15.94 in(.62 in)
  • Weight: 15.43 lbs(34.01 lb)