Tektronix TVS641A
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Tektronix TVS641A Oscilloscope, Digital: 250MHz,1GSa/s,4

Bandwidth: 250MHz
No. of channels: 4ch
Max. single ch. sampling rate: 1GSa/s

1 GHz or 250 MHz bandwidth

5 GS/s or 1 GS/s sample rate

2 or 4 Channels

8-bit vertical resolution (256 digitized levels)

15 K record length

Extensive processing and measurement system

Waveform template testing

Measurement limit testing

Zoned waveform measurements

FFT and digital filtering (highpass, lowpass, bandpass, and band reject)

SCPI Message Based

Fast Data Channel

VXIplug&play WIN, WIN95 and WINNT Frameworks

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