Racal Instruments 1261B
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Racal Instruments 1261B Mainframe: C Size,13 Slots,1000 Watts

Input Power: 1000Watts
Capacity: 13QTY
Size: C

The First Virtually Wireless Chassis - Reduces MTTR While Boosting MTBF

Over 2000 Watts of Available Power - 1000 Watts Useable Power Even at 55°C

The Most Advanced Monitoring Informs You Of System Performance

130 Watts Per Slot Available Cooling - Makes All That Power Usable

120 Amps On The +5VDC Outputs With Current Sharing Technology

VXIplug&play Compliant

First Virtually Wireless Chassis
Over 2000 Watts of Avaiable Power
VXIplug&play Compliant


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