Agilent E1403C A/B to C-Size Active Adapter

Agilent E1403C  

A/B to C-Size Active Adapter

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Agilent E1403C VXI Miscellaneous

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Agilent E1403C


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Product Description:

Agilent E1403C A/B to C-Size Active Adapter

Agilent E1403C

Data sheet (PDF)

Key Features & Specifications

  • Adapts A- or B-size VXI to C-size VXI
  • Fits 1-slot or 2-slot (optional) modules
  • Provides active extension of P1 only
  • Provides slave-only capability


The Agilent E1403C 1- or 2-slot VXI carrier adapts A- or B-size VXI modules for use in al C-size VXI mainframes. P1, which is the only connector available, is a fully buffered extension. The E1403C provides slave-only capability and cannot be used in Slot 0 or with bus masters. The standard module is 1-slot wide; Option 010 is 2 slots wide, however, it only connects to the backplane on the left-most slot. Any number of adapters can be used in an Agilent VXI mainframe.

Many (but not all) VME cards can be adapted for use in C-size VXI mainframes using this module if they meet VXI mechanical and electrical restrictions. However, this is not a supported configuration.

Performance Characteristics of the E1403C

Form Factor Module (VXI)

Programmability/Connectivity of the E1403C

User Interface Proprietary

E1403C Compliance

CE Compliance Not on file
UL Compliance Not compliant

E1403C Power Requirements

Input Power Not required