ASCOR, Inc. 3000-30
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ASCOR, Inc. 3000-30 High Frequency VXI Coaxial Switch Matrix

Type: High Frequency
Switchable Voltage: 200V
Switchable Current: 1A

ASCOR’s Model 3000-30 single-

slot, high performance Coaxial

Switch Matrix provides up to

eight simultaneous high frequency

paths – ideal for applications that

require outputs to a high number

of analog instruments.

All relays are individually

shielded in a coaxial, 50 Ohm

environment, to minimize

crosstalk and eliminate signal

Single Slot High frequency Coaxial Matri
Unique Design fro high Bandwidth,LowNois
Pre-Configured For Optimal Performance
Char Impedence: 50 Ohm
Crosstalk: 50dB at 100MHz


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