ASCOR, Inc. 3000-44
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ASCOR, Inc. 3000-44 High Density, 2x128 Dual Wire VXI Switch Matrix

Type: High Density
Switchable Voltage: 200V
Switchable Current: 1.5A

ASCOR’s Model 3000-44 is a

Dual Wire 2x128 Switch Matrix,

designed for optimum signal

versatility and ultra-high


All relays are individually

shielded to minimize cross-talk

and signal contamination – thus

contributing to an industry-

leading differential bandwidth

in excess of 70MHz, 90MHz

typical, for a wide variety of

general purpose switching applica-


The Model 3000-44 utilizes

ASCOR’s VXIMAX ™ 16/32 VXIbus

interface to support either 16-bit

or 32-bit data paths.
Single Slot High Density2x128 Dual Wire
Unique Design fro high Bandwidth,LowNois
Char Impedence: 50 Ohm
Crosstalk: -40dB at 50MHz
Insertion Loss:-1dB at 30 MHz


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