Agilent E1416A Power Meter - VXI, single channel(C-size)

Agilent E1416A  

Power Meter - VXI, single channel(C-size)

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Agilent E1416A VXI RF Power Meters

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Agilent E1416A


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Product Description:

Agilent E1416A Power Meter - VXI, single channel(C-size)

Agilent E1416A

Data sheet (PDF)

No. of channels: 1ch
Frequency: 100kHz
Power: -70dBm

The HP E1416A Power Meter is a C-size, 1-slot, message-based VXI module. It is a high-performance, single-channel, programmable, average power meter compatible with the HP 8480 family of thermocouple and diode power sensors. This power meter makes fast, accurate, and reliable average power measurements. With its powerful programming capability, state-of-the-art accuracy and exceptional reliability, it lets you measure your test signal with speed, precision, and confidence!

Performance Characteristics of the E1416A

Form Factor Module (VXI)
Number of Channels 1 ch
Minimum Frequency 100 kHz
Maximum Frequency 100 GHz
Minimum Power 0.0001 uW
Maximum Power 25.119 Watts
Maximum Dynamic Range 50 dB
Accuracy 0.02 %
Power Reference 1.00 mW
Power Reference Accuracy 0.5 %

E1416A VXI Characteristics

Number Of Slots 1 QTY
Size C
Cooling Requirement-Airflow 0.20 Lt/Sec
Cooling Requirement-Backpressure 1.00 mm
Inter-connect connector type P1,P2

Programmability/Connectivity of the E1416A

User Interface Proprietary

E1416A Compliance

CE Compliance Not on file
UL Compliance Compliant

E1416A Power Requirements

Input Power Not required