American Reliance 186T

American Reliance 186T

Communications Line test Set w/ Auto-Ranging DMM

Product Description:

American Reliance 186T Communications Line test Set w/ Auto-Ranging DMM

American Reliance 186T

186T Standard Features

Sinewave Generator

Frequency Counter



Telephone Handset

Tx range: 20 to 50KHz

Rx range: 20 to 50KHz

2 wire & 4 wire test mode

Noise, Noise w/Tone Measurement

Noise to Ground Measurement

Signal to Noise Measurement

Impulse, Return Loss Measurement

Dial Capability w/ DTMF, Dial Pulse, and MF.

RS-232C Capability

Printing Capability

Performance Characteristics of the 186T

Form Factor Handheld
Transmitter Frequency Minimum 20 Hz
Transmitter Frequency Maximum 50 kHz
Transmitter Range Minimum -50 dBm
Transmitter Range Maximum 10 dBm
Receiver Frequency Minimum 20 Hz
Receiver Frequency Maximum 50 kHz
Receiver Range Minimum -60 dBm
Receiver Range Maximum 10 dBm
Microphone Internal
Audio Speaker Yes
2 Wire Return Loss (ERL,SRL-Hi,SRL-Lo) Yes
2 Wire Return Loss (Swept,Man,40kHz,ISDN) No
2 Wire Round-Trip Delay Measurement No
4 Wire Return Loss (ERL,SRL-Hi,SRL-Lo) No
4 Wire Round-Trip Delay Measurement No
AC/DC Voltage Measurement Yes
Amplitude Jitter Measurement No
Crosstalk @ 2kHz Measurement No
DTMF Transmit/Receive Testing Yes
Envelope Delay,Atten Distortion Measure No
FFT Group Delay, Atten Distortion No
Frequency Measurement No
Frequency Offset Measurement No
Frequency Shift (ITU-T0.111) Measurement No
Gain Hits (ITU-0.95) Measurement No
Group Delay, Atten Distortion(ITU-T0.81) No
Harmonic Distortion (ITU-T0.42) Measure No
High Speed Impulse Noise (DDS,ISND,HDLS) No
Impedance @ 1kHz Measurement No
Impulse Noise Measurement Yes
Level TIMS Measurement No
Long Term Plotting Measurement No
Longitudinal Signal Balance (ITU-T0.9) No
Loss Deviation Measurement No
Loss vs Frequency Measurement No
Noise (ITU-T0.41) Measurement Yes
Noise w/Tone (ITU-T0.42) Measurement Yes
Noise to Ground Measurement Yes
Non-Linear Distortion (ITU-T0.42) No
Peak to Average Ration Measurement No
Phase Hits (ITU-T0.95) Measurement No
Phase Jitter (ITU-T0.91) Measurement No
Quantisation Distortion (ITU-T0.132) No
Sig/Noise Ratio (ITU-T 0.42) Measurement Yes
Selective Level @ 2kHz Measurement No
Simple Interruptions (ITU-T0.61) Measure No
Sophisticated Interruptions (ITU-T0.62) No
Wideband Group Delay (ITU-T0.82) No
Wideband Noise (DDS,ISDN,HDSI,400kHz) No
Crosstalk Noise (DDS,ISDN,HDSL) Measure No

Programmability/Connectivity of the 186T

User Interface Proprietary
Ports to Peripheral Devices RJ45,RS232C

186T Compliance

CE Compliance Not on file
UL Compliance Not compliant

186T Power Requirements

Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)
Battery Life 4 hrs

186T Physical Dimensions

  • Width: (N/A)
  • Height: 9.92 in(.39 in)
  • Length: 2.44 in(.09 in)
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs(4.85 lb)

186T Standard Accessories

  • 1 /Removable Stand /Qty:1
  • 2 /Ni-Cd batteries (rechargeable) /Qty:1
  • 3 /AC/DC Adapter /Qty:1
  • 4 /Bantam to alligator test leads /Qty:2
  • 5 /Operators manual /Qty:1
  • 6 /Soft carrying case /Qty:1